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AssessmentThe Motorvate Therapy Ltd assessments are carried out by Occupational Therapists and/or the Support for Learning Teacher.  Assessment is tailored to the information provided by parent/carer and school.

Assessments include

  • Movement ABC Version 2 (Henderson)
  • Test of Visual Motor Integration (Beery)
  • Sensory Integration Clinical Observations
  • Sensory Profile (Dunn)
  • Self-Esteem Rating Scale
  • Handwriting Assessment
  • Literacy and Language Assessments
  • Dyslexia Screener.

We use a variety of other assessments as indicators for Specific Learning Difficulties and to ensure that the intervention programmes we can provide are appropriate and of greatest benefit to the young person.


Following the assessment, the Parent/Carer is provided with

  • An in- depth written report with recommendations and strategies which can also be used to support Additional Support Needs requests in school.
  • Recommendations for intervention, discharge or referral to another agency.

NB We provide indicators but do not make diagnosis of Specific Learning Difficulties.


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