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Thank you!

31 May 2018

My son finished his degree with 4 ‘A’s (never before) and this is down to the work he did with Brigid and the steps he put in place to manage his own learning.  

All down to the work that you do - cannot thank Motorvate enough. 

(Parent, May 2018)

Fantastic resource

19 Apr 2018

My son has been supported by Motorvate since 2014. We initially used Motorvate for a handwriting assessment, which formally recognised the extent of the challenges he was facing. It was a huge relief to finally have someone (Susan) who understood my son and acknowledged my concerns. My son now attends Motorvate for regular sessions with Brigid. His sessions are tailored to his learning needs and have enabled him to develop coping strategies for use in school, which build on his strengths and help him recognise his learning differences. Motorvate also guided us through the transition to secondary ensuring my son was well supported through a very successful first year. 

I am under no illusion that my son would not be accessing learning and achieving at the appropriate level, if it was not for the support of Motorvate. Motorvate is a fantastic resourse, we travel for an hour to attend sessions as this support is not available in our area. 


18 Apr 2018

“I first used Motorvate to do a handwriting assessment for my child as I had concerns about not keeping up with peers.  Motorvate's help has been invaluable to me since.  They helped immensely with the transition from primary to secondary school.  Their input resulted in my child getting extra transition.  Since going to secondary school Motorvate have attended meetings to ensure my child's needs are understood and met.   Sessions at Motorvate are tailored individually, provide strategies and exercises  my child can use at school and home, provided a wide range of tools for literacy support, helped with my child's social and emotional well-being and most importantly are fun.  The tutors go out of their way to find innovative ways to teach and coach the children as well as giving parents lots of tips and tricks to help at home.  Without Motorvate's help I don't' think my child would have managed mainstream education.”  (Parent, 2017)

The Dream Team!

10 Apr 2018

In my opinion, Susan and Brigid at Motorvate are really the dream team when it comes to diagnosing and enhancing the learning ability of children who have a wide range of learning disorders. 

Due to the really complex nature of learning disorders, it can be a real challenge for parents to know what issues are affecting their children. It can be even more of a challenge to know what to have their children tested for, as you pretty much have to know what the issues are beforehand, in order to ask for the right assessment to be done!

This is where you need a team with oodles of experience and a real knack of rapidly getting to the bottom of waht each individual child needs.  Susan has a massive level of previous experience in this complex field.  She can deftly and rapidly home in on identifying major and minor learning problems together with finding significant underlying issues in children and young adults. 

Then together with the insightful, similarly massively experienced and very supportive Brigid, they can provide a practical and efficient way forward, using a variety of methods to help the child and parents get the exact support they need in the way they need it.  Their tried and tested ways are designed to give children the tools they need to enable them to achieve their educational goals and life aspirations. 

From my past experience of their work, I would recommend their services to anyone who has a concern about their child’s learning ability at any stage of their education. 

Due to a lack of specialist knowledge, in many cases, only children with extreme llearning difficulties get identified and helped. However there are many children who have real learning problems, but as they are more difficult to identify, they can easily miss out on the real support they need to fulfil their full life potential. 

Dr Paula Baillie-Hamilton, MBBS, PhD (Oxon) ND

March 2018


01 Apr 2018

We have been supported by Susan at Motorvate with help for our son for the past 3 years. Susan has helped Luke with a range of difficulties which we found was a challenge to find the correct support and expertise to help us all understand the challenges he faces. During the past 3 years we have benefitted seeing changes in his confidence, particularly at school where he is now happier and progressing well. Susan has provided much needed support for both ourselves as a family and the teaching staff at Luke’s school to understand how best to support Luke to reach his full potential. A key priority for us has always been to not only address practical issues but also to understand the reasons behind why he finds some tasks very difficult and it is only with Susan’s expertise and breadth of knowledge that we made significant progress with this. Susan always engages with Luke in a fun and enthusiastic manner and through this and a combination of her own energy and dedication we have seen most improvements and has given us the incentive to keep going to support Luke as much as we possibly can.” (Mother, 2017)

Innate sense of caring

05 Mar 2018

This service, the value they place in their practice and the quality of their work is second to none. Like many families we have struggled for too many years through various systems and met various professionals trying to unpick the complexities of or daughter. To be able to feel finally validated in our concerns and to have people truly ‘know and get’ our daughter has been overwhelming and empowering to say the least - for both her and us! I can not recommend this much needed and valuable resource enough. To be able to empower families, display such an innate sense of caring and to engage the way they do is wonderful. I would urge anyone who has any ‘niggles’ , suspicions or concerns their child’s development or presented behaviours to seek their input it truly is life changing.


04 Feb 2018

“Motorvate is a fantastic resource which offers my daughter both physical and academic interventions. The sessions boost her self-esteem 100% and encourage her to achieve both physically and mentally. Sessions are tailor made and allow her to build on her strengths while accepting her difficulties. Motorvate is the highlight of her week!”

(Parent, 2017)


01 Jan 2018

“Motorvate are an amazing organisation!


Brigid screened Alexandra for Dyslexia difficulties at the age of 7 when we hit a brick wall with the school. Brigid then accompanied me to additional support meetings to ensure that Alexandra was getting the necessary early intervention that she needs to succeed at school.

Alexandra also attends a weekly class run by Motorvate which has been beneficial to her confidence, self -esteem and mental health. Alexandra can’t wait to get there every week, and with the help of Brigid she has gained a clear understanding of her own needs and strategies that she uses to learn.


I can’t thank Brigid and the team at Motorvate enough for all the help, support and guidance over the past few years. I’m really not sure where we would be now if we hadn’t had this support.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Motorvate and have done so on many occasions. 

The team are all clearly very passionate and committed to helping parents and children in our community.”  (Parent, 2017)

fantastic resource

07 Dec 2017

My son has been supported by Motorvate since 2014.  We initially used Motorvate for a handwriting assessment, which formally recognised the challenges he was facing. It was a huge relief to finally have someone who understood my son and acknowledged my concerns.  My son now attends Motorvate regularly, his sessions are tailored to his learning needs and have enabled him to develop coping strategies for use in school, which build on his strengths and help him recognise his difficulties.  Motorvate also guided us through the transition to secondary, ensuring my son was well supported through a very successful first year. I am under no illusion that my son would not be accessing learning and achieving at the appropriate level, if it was not for the support of Motorvate.

Motorvate is a fantastic resource and we travel for an hour to attend Perth as this support is not available in our area.’ (Parent, 2017)


05 Oct 2017

Our son Daniel struggled through Primary school and he was being allowed to miss vital learning steps that he needed in order to progress with his learning. Motorvate have worked with Daniel for just over 3 years and have given Daniel tools to use in class to help him learn effectively, keep focused and become more organised with his learning. He is now much more confident to ask for help and shows an eagerness to learn. We are hugely thankful to the Motorvate Team for their support”. (Parent, October 2017)

huge benefits for children, but also for parents

12 Sep 2017

Motorvate was recommended to us by a Speech and Language Therapist who was working with our son due to his specific language impairment. However it was clear that he had other difficulties, and so we arranged an assessment by Susan at Motorvate. This was a turning point for us - it highlighted issues that we had been dealing with for some time, but that we couldn’t have properly understood without this assessment. We have continued to have sessions with Susan ever since then. The assessment and sessions have not just helped in our son’s development, but helped us to understand his needs and how he can achieve his true potential (which we may never have truly realised without this support). The work that Motorvate do therefore has huge benefits for children, but also for parents and the whole family in understanding and being able to work with our son.” (Father, 2017)

good news

30 Aug 2017

As parents of a young man with a late diagnosis of dyspraxia, who struggled through school and hit a block at college, we have been able to find a solution at Motorvate Therapies. Brigid’s input has allowed our son to identify his own individual learning style and he is now able to put into practice the strategies they have worked on together. The difference this has made to our son’s self-confidence is a wonderful thing to see. He is sure now of his ability to achieve the Honours Degree he has set his sights on. (Parent of UHI Student, 2017)

highly recommend

16 Aug 2017

Our son who has dyslexia has been attending individual therapy sessions at Motorvate Therapies for the last two years. He has benefitted enormously from the specifically tailored intervention that they provide. Brigid is working with our son to equip him with the skills to deal with the literacy and language challenges that he faces at school. She has supported us as parents when linking with our son's school to increase his chances of reaching his full potential. We have seen a considerable increase in our son's confidence and ability. We would highly recommend Motorvate Therapies to other parents of children living with a learning difficulty.”

Sensory Training Feedback

10 May 2017

Susan delivered training sessions to PAMIS staff on Sensory Processing.  Here is some of the great feedback she received.

"Made me rethink some of the classroom practice"

"So easy to understand"

"I was able to relate the behaviours and strategies to some of the service users and past service users I have/am working with."

"Very interesting, very detailed.  Loved that it was interactive and had group tasks."

"Susan really knows her subject and thought given to structure and delegates". 

"Realising behaviours can be the avoidance of difficult/scary situations or feelings".

"Thought provoking.  Would like it to be longer, really enjoyed it".


Testimonial for Motorvate Therapies

11 Dec 2016

I learned about Motorvate Therapies from a colleague whose son had similar difficulties to my own son, who was diagnosed with ASD in 2008.  I learned about Motorvate Therapies from a colleague whose son had similar difficulties to my son, who was diagnosed with ASD in 2008. Following a conversation with one of the therapists and completion of a health questionnaire, my son was invited along to  his first sport therapy session. 

My son can't wait to go to Motorvate every week and has developed a great relationship with his teacher/therapist. He has become more self-confident within the group setting and continues to develop his social and motor skills.   His balance and co-ordination have improved significantly and he genuinely has a lot of fun.  He has been going along for 4 years now and has not lost his enthusiasm for the class.  As a parent, I can't speak highly enough about the Motorvate therapists and volunteers.

"Her knowledge and expertise is like gold dust."

23 Nov 2016

I was at a loss having tried and tested most strategies and interventions over the years. I always knew there was something else to my son's behaviour. The first time I spoke to Susan I came off the phone thinking finally someone gets it, there is hope. My son had an assessment and I was given a report which was gold.  It helped break down the different needs and I was surprised at some of the simple aids and how effective they were.  The report also helped in the school setting providing a better understanding and more knowledge.  Susan also helped support us in meetings and make visits to school.  Her knowledge and expertise is like gold dust and I have and will continue to recommend Motorvate Therapies.          

A very grateful parent, November 2016. 

Testimonial From a Very Grateful Parent

12 Oct 2016

 No-one embarks on parenthood hoping their child has additional needs or perceived weaknesses.  However sometimes, sadly, this is the case and you have to re-adjust and often this makes you an even better parent.  You begin to learn all over again with your child and this can lead to an even stronger bond.  Motorvate has provided me and my son that exact opportunity.  The team have taught me things I never knew, not only about both my children but also about myself – at my age!!  

Occupational Therapy is something most people don’t know very much about or how movement and sensory processing can affect daily life.  Stripping it down to the basics, Susan and the team teach the children, not through books and smart boards, but through play, movement and touch.  Friendships develop, trust is earned and confidence blooms and with all those things progress is made.  Hearing children’s laughter escape from the “classroom” makes my new parental journey all the more enjoyable.  

Thank you Susan and Motorvate.


09 Oct 2016

Following recommendations, we met with Susan from Motorvate who conducted an OT assessment on our child who has ASD, sensory processing difficulties and a learning disability.  From the initial telephone call, I had full confidence in Susan. She is extremely knowledgeable and conscientious in all aspects of her work. Her manner and approach with our child was warm, considerate, patient and appropriate to the developmental level required.  Motorvate's premises are easily reachable and kitted out especially for its purpose. Susan was very sensitive to our needs and I would have no hesitation recommending her

Best thing we ever did!

07 Sep 2016

'Best thing we ever did for our son........ Susan, Stuart and Brigid have been a great help and support since we started at Motorvate three years ago.' 😊 (A grateful parent!)

My son was diagnosed with dyspraxia

07 Sep 2016

My son was diagnosed with dyspraxia when he was in P2, his balance was extremely poor, poor fine motor control and he found new situations difficult to cope with. I found out about Motorvate (luckily) through a work connection and my son went for a taster session - he loved it!  He attended for roughly 4 years and in that time the difference in him has been amazing. His balance is much improved as is his fine motor skills. He is now more confident in coping with challenging behaviour from others. I can't praise the skill, dedication and expertise of the staff enough, he has had a ball and made lots of new friends. My son has benefitted greatly from Motorvate and I can't recommend it enough.

A recommendation from a parent of a child with sensory difficulties.

07 Sep 2016

'I cannot recommend Susan enough, she is thorough, observant, great with tiny humans and very friendly and welcoming to the grown ups. If you can afford it I would seriously recommend getting a sensory profile made up for your child. It can only help them in the long run - at Motorvate Therapies.'

(Please note as we are a Social Enterprise we make every effort to reduce our charges for low income families, single parents etc.) 

Feedback from an appreciative parent!

24 Aug 2016

Thank you very much Brigid, it was really helpful speaking to you. I think you must have made such a positive contribution to the learning experiences of the children you have taught. I am sure the children you are working with now are benefiting from your skills and knowledge.

I cannot recommend Motorvate highly enough!

10 Jun 2016

"The combination of OT input together with specialist ASN overview has provided me with information and guidance to assist my daughter in her education and daily life.  I cannot recommend Motorvate highly enough!'

Parent, June 2016.

Testimonial from the Parent of a young adult student

27 May 2016

Thank you Susan for your expertise throughout this academic year. My son got an 'A' in his final exam at college! Wow! What wonderful progress!'  (Parent of a young adult coping with the challenges of ASD) 

Testimonial from a Parent

29 Apr 2016

Thanks Brigid for the in-depth assessments with our daughter and for the very detailed report we received after the final consultation.  It has given us a very clear indication of how she learns best and how to support her, we have and will try many of the suggestions and apps listed in the report.  I hope we are now able to guide our daughter and her teachers in the right direction for happy and fruitful learning.

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