Based in Perth, Scotland, Motorvate’s experienced and passionate Occupational Therapy team have years of expertise in working with neurodiverse young people, their families and professionals who support the family. The young person is at the centre of everything we do.

As a social enterprise, Motorvate offers in-depth assessment and intervention for individual clients. A key aspect of the service is providing tailor-made training for parents/carers, education staff, social services staff and other key professionals.

Motorvate Therapies Ltd is Social Enterprise Company which aims to provide therapy to support young people and their families living with additional support needs. Learning through movement and sensory experiences allows young people to experience success and enjoy the journey towards positive learning at home and School.

Motorvate Therapies Ltd will provide assessment, intervention at many levels and support to young people with additional support needs (and their families) from 0-18years. In addition the delivery of training will empower those working with young people with additional support needs to provide the essential 24 hour approach that the young person requires to succeed in day to day activities including school and leisure.

Social Enterprise Objectives

  • To ensure company profits are used to provide affordable services for all who require Motorvate Services.
  • To provide opportunities for work experience for senior pupils in local schools. Pupils will support young children with specific difficulties in Sports Therapy Groups. Work placements will be credited to Voluntary Award Schemes.
  • To work with the local community and support its needs and development.

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