Individual Therapy

Intervention is individual to each client and will depend on the outcome of the assessment and the personal goals set by the young person/family.

A range of therapeutic approaches are used with the over-arching frame of reference of Sensory Integration.

Goals are based on daily functional challenges the client wishes to work on such as:

  • Personal Care (washing, toileting, tooth-brushing etc)
  • Dressing skills (may encompass physical skills required, sensory aspects)
  • Eating and drinking (may encompass physical use of utensils, sensory aspects)
  • Play and Leisure (may encompass sensory integration, gross/fine motor, self-regulation, social communication)
  • Visual perception (may encompass eye movements/sensory aspects)
  • Education e.g., writing/drawing, emotional-regulation, physical environment, transitions
  • Workplace (access to the physical/social environment, documenting work, organisational/time management)
  • Emotional Literacy (emotional regulation, social communication, self- esteem/mental health)

How often?

This depends on the needs of each client, the distance from the clinic, and the ability to carry out activities in different settings (home/school)


Cost varies depending on the length of the session, with/without home programme.

Baseline: 1hr session is £70

Home Programme

A home programme can be set up which is reviewed face to face at the Perth clinic every 6 weeks which assists those who travel from afar.

Online Sessions

It is possible to carry out some sessions online and the viability of this can be discussed with a therapist.

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